Vogue 8379 Wrap Dress

I finally made Vogue 8379.  I was inspired by the Wrap Dress Sewalong hosted by Meg at McCalls.  So many great versions were popping up and the long sleeve version is so perfect for the in-between weather Sydney is getting right now.

Vogue 8379

Overall, I am very happy with the fit.  I cut a size 12 which is a little roomy, next time I will do a 10.  I did a small bust adjustment on the front, folding out two little tucks from the neckline and the facing using the tutorial from the sewalong here, and it was very effective.  I didn’t sew any twill tape to the neckline though as I felt that was overkill and the area is already well stabilised from the interfaced facing piece.

I cut one tie piece longer than the other so that when tied they ended up the same length.  The overlap/top/right side is longer and the underlap/underneath/left side is the shorter.

I also did a forward shoulder adjustment, not just on the shoulder bodice pieces (I pivoted it forward 1 cm or 3/8th”) but also on the sleeve. Usually I am lazy and just move the shoulder notch forward, which is perfectly acceptable and gives a good result but this time (and in all makes I’ve done since, because it results in a perfectly fitting sleeve) I have done the actual adjustment on the sleeve.  This involves “pushing” the top of the sleeve cap forward – you are removing excess fabric from the back and adding it to the front.   A good illustration for this is here.  The black line is a standard sleeve cap, the green and red lines both show two levels of a forward shoulder adjustment.   A great tutorial on this is here – its so clear and shows the “flatter back” and “bubbled front” really well.

I also didn’t make the cuffs as per pattern, I just did simple bands.

The fabric is a cheap ITY knit from fabric.com.  I was a bit taken aback as I didn’t really know what an ITY knit was when I ordered it and when I received it, it seemed very “swimwear”.  Now it is made up it is lovely and silky to wear.  It’s a great travel dress as it doesn’t need ironing but I am a bit ambivalent about the polka dots.

In summary, great pattern, I love the sleeves, the pleats in the front are very flattering and I have two (or three) more fabrics ready to make some more of this pattern and also McCalls 6884.