Jackie Coat Sewalong – Buttons and Finishing and High Fives all round

By now you have bagged your lining, given everything a good press, and just need to sew on your buttons.


There are a few things to know that are very helpful when sewing buttons on a coat, which is much thicker than usual.

The first is to be sure to use a button with a shank or create your own when sewing on the buttons.

There are already a heap of great tutorials online about how to do this:

A great step by step tutorial, including how to use a backing button is here
Some different methods of creating a shank on a flat button are here.

The backing button is used to help stabilise the button on the front of the coat and prevents any ripping or tearing that can sometimes occur when using a bigger button that is going to see a fair bit of wear.  I like to use one on coats because it also is prettier to look at than a clump of thread.

backing buttons

Now all you have to do is wear your Jackie with pride! 

Thanks for joining in the sew-along, I hope you had fun and have a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction now you are done (and something to wear as the weather cools down as well).  

All the posts in the sew-along are here.
Lots more construction photos in the Flickr Group here.
Maria and I will be posting our finished Jackie’s up tomorrow, so stay tuned folks.

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