Red Tartan Gertie’s Pencil Skirt

This gorgeous wool came into my hands via a precious inheritance from my wonderful Aunt Jean, a seamstress of amazing skill and talent. I was thrilled when I realised I had JUST enough to eek out a pencil skirt, and of course, I made another pencil skirt using the pattern from Gerties Book for Better Sewing*.

Pencil skirt from GNBBS

I made this using the straight waistband option and the only alteration was to peg it in a little more and add in a back vent.

I love how the double darts shape the tartan pattern.  This fabric is a rather thick wool and it feels so warm and lovely to wear, like being wrapped in a blanket.

Notice how my back vent is spreading a little in the photo above?  I found this tutorial on how to prevent this from happening here. I’ll make sure I use this trick when I do this next time.

I really love a hand picked zip when used in a “spongey” fabric like wool, as the pick stitches completely disappear into the fabric and make pattern matching so easy, although it does look a little off here:

Hand picked zipper

I added in a lining in a green silk trimmed with black lace, which makes it feel beautiful on the inside.  Whenever I draft a lining for a skirt I don’t just cut out the same pattern piece as I find it often feels inexplicably too small/tight and doesn’t allow for ease when sitting.    I always follow the tips given in this tutorial to add some ease at the hips and it really does work like a charm to produce a nice fitting and feeling lining. 

Green silk lining

I also mitred the corners at the vent for less bulk and a nicer finish.  Here is a blurry photo of that so you can get the idea.  The best tutorial I found on how to get this finish is over at Iconic Patterns.  It really is no extra work and just looks so much nicer as well as reduces the bulky wad of fabric with the other method.

Mitred corners for skirt vent

All up, another hard working addition to my winter wardrobe.  And sorry Burdastyle Jenny, my affections for you have been overthrown by Gerties Pencil Skirt*. Those double darts win every time!

 *Those are Amazon affiliate links.  Just feeding my addiction for more sewing books.