Jackie Coat Sewalong: Our prep is all done and muslin updates

We have now uploaded all our “prep” posts with a heap of information to help to make some great choices for your Jackie.

Make sure you check out this series of posts by Maria:

We are getting some activity on the Flickr Group so if you are making a muslin to check the fit and any resulting pattern adjustments, now is the time to get those photo’s uploaded.  If you don’t have a Flickr account you can also email them to me at cageofwords -at- gmail -dot- com and I will upload them for you!

I’ve been testing my Jackie alterations in a muslin and found that I didn’t like the added length AT ALL.  In line with Maria’s Proportions post, it just didn’t work on my frame.  So I hacked the length off back to the original pattern and it looked soooo much better.  I am sorry I don’t have a photo to post about that as I chopped off the length before I thought to take a pic of the before.

One thing I found is that when changing the opening to centre front it changed the angle that the collar buttonhole sat at and it looked hugely off-line on the muslin.  Keep this in mind if you are making the centre front change to check the position of the buttonhole that it is straight.

Jackie muslin testing changes
[Click on image to go to  Flickr photo with my comments on buttonhole position.]

So, just to recap, here are all the “Prepping for Sewing Jackie” posts

Janelle – Choosing and prewashing fabric and lining. 

Flickr Group – Making a muslin for those who would like to check the fit and any resulting pattern adjustments.  Post any photos of your work in progress here (don’t be shy!).

If everyone is ready to move on, I’ll be doing the next post tomorrow and we will be cutting into our fashion fabric.