Jackie Coat Sewalong – Changing to a centre front opening and rounding the Collar

For my rounded collar points, I just used my french curve to draw a curve that I like and trimmed it.

Very easy.  I want a slightly different collar to my first Jackie, but still wanted the high collar – it is brilliantly warm in cold weather, and especially lovely with a soft coating. I may even wait until I am making the collar before making this adjustment – it is easy when an adjustment is just a trim/taking away fabric.  I can’t stick it back on if I change my mind mid-sew, I would have to recut a new collar piece.  In any case, this is the shape I am considering.

Next up: Changing the opening to centre front.  This is also very easy to do and is my last modification to my Jackie.  I love the pattern exactly as is, the asymmetric button closure looks lovely on my first Jackie but I am playing around with this version so I have two distinctly different coats in my wardrobe.

I laid the two front pattern pieces on top of each other and measured the difference in size. For simplicity I am using metric measurements for this post (even though I usually think in imperial).  the difference is 7 cm.  Half that is 3.5 cm (which I think is 1 3/8″).

You can see my pencil line on the photo above showing the new line.

On the Right Front pattern piece (#1) I trimmed off 3.5cm.  I also moved back the buttonholes 3.5cm to reposition them the correct amount back from the seam.

I actually checked my change by sticking the cut off piece onto the Left Front pattern piece:

When these pieces are mirrored on top of each other, they are now identical.  I will now cut 2 of this pattern piece rather than cutting one each of Right Front and Left Front. 

For the facing, I took my Right Facing pattern piece (#2) and folded back the same amount of 3.5cm.  I will now cut 2 of this pattern piece instead of cutting one each of the left facing and the right facing.

Everything else stays the same.

That is my final adjustment post.  I hope it is useful to others who may want to make similar changes.  That is what is great about a pattern with excellent “bones” – they become a stepping stone for design, and a great base for whole variety of looks in your me-made wardrobe.

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