Jackie Coat Sewalong: My Jackie Plans

I’ve been sewing like a crazy woman for weeks but like many of us, find the opportunities for taking photos limited so I haven’t blogged for a while.  But I thought I’d take the chance while dinner is roasting to share my Jackie Coat plans for the upcoming sewalong in July.

As I already have a wool version that I wear heaps for casual/day wear I wanted to make this one a bit “special” for more dressy formal wear. Here she is (click to see it larger) ….

I was able to find this amazing cotton velvet from Pitt Trading.  Seriously, even if you don’t live in Sydney, I highly recommend this small independant store to all fellow Aussie sewers.  I phoned them and had a chat about what I was thinking of sewing, my aversion to having to dry clean stuff and what colours and styles I liked.  They sent me in the mail a selection of swatches that they hand picked for me, including a few samples of fabric not on the website.  All very reasonably priced around the $15 – $20/metre mark. 

I ended up buying 3 metres each of these:

The first one, which is earmarked for the Jackie Coat, is a beautiful stretch cotton velvet.  It can be handwashed or even machine washed.  As it has a bit of stretch I plan to block fuse with some lovely lush interfacing that they sent me in the same order.

This one is a synthetic (also hand washable) but feels divinely silk like (as opposed to gross synthetic like – all synthetics are not created equal, that is for sure) with a lovely hand and drape.  It’s a chanel-jacket-style fabric.  This one is earmarked for a suit – a french-chanel style jacket with a pencil or perhaps a-line skirt.  It also would make a completely lovely coat so I may change my mind about this.  How gorgeous is the selvedge?

I did this all over the phone.  The postage was less than the cost of a drive to the store and the service was fantastic!! They even sent me a bunch of trims to look at to go with the second fabric.  Ordering the samples first, which was fast and no cost, ensured that I could order with total confidence.  If you are like me, and stuck in sewing-land Siberia with only large chain stores at hand, it really doesn’t cost more to order online/by phone and if you order swatches first, you can’t lose.