Simplicity 2444 Roses Dress

A few weeks back a saw this dress over on Leisl’s Blog. Its Butterick 6582 in a gorgeous stretch cotton sateen from Rathdowne Fabrics and Remnants. Go and have a look, if you haven’t seen it already.  It is just beautiful.  Within about 30 seconds after reading that blog post I was on the phone to Rathdowne Fabrics and Remnants BEGGING them for that fabric.  I’ve been on the look out for ages for exactly that fabric – black background, large red roses.   Sadly, it was not to be, they were sold out.  (SOB).  However, the customer service there is fabulous and Sandra looked around for something similar and soon sent me an email with a couple of options, including this one:

Its a simple cotton and not the lovely cotton sateen I was after, not quite the right roses I was craving but at only $7.50/m it was an acceptable compromise, so I ordered 3 metres.  I decided to make it into a simple cotton dress for summer and used Simplicity 2444, the sleeveless view.

Simplicity 2444 Roses


Simplicity 2444 Roses
Ooohhh, pattern matching….. The back worked out the front not so good though but passable.

I removed a significant wedge from the front neckline – over 3″ or 8 cm and just over 2″from the back.   I used a different method from the last time  I made this dress and this worked much better.  The fit at the neckline feels really good.

I’ll try to take a photo of the modified pattern piece and post it soon as I think it will be helpful – nearly everyone who makes this dress has excess fabric at the front and there are plenty of verbal descriptions of removing excess fabric but nothing showing the method I used which also adjusts for a small bust.

As I did my best to pattern match I used all of my 3 metres of 115 cm wide fabric with just scraps to spare. I am really happy with the finish on the armholes using a self made bias strip as the facing (as per the pattern). It looks so neat I used the same finish for the neckline instead of the neck facing pieces.
Simplicity 2444 Roses

So there we have it, my first make of 2014.  One of the things  I am attempting to do this year is to make multiple makes of the same pattern to get some value over all the time that I spend on fitting and adjusting a pattern.  The inspiration for this is Roisin of Dolly Clackett fame (who despite being massively younger than me I absolutely LOVE her style and I want her entire shoe collection) and Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow, who both make multiple versions of the same make.

I couldn’t speak more highly of the team at Rathdowne Fabrics and Remnants.  Thanks for my lovely fabric ladies!