Simplicity 2588 Version #2 – Straight Skirt

This is the second version of Simplicity 2588, which is a Project Runway Multi-option pattern that I love.  My first version I did the flared skirt, which I posted about here.  For this version I used a lovely cotton that was a gift from my sister-in-law from her trip to Japan.  It has a navy background and tiny lilac and white flowers.  The tiny print meant that the seamlines just disappear and the lovely quality cotton was a dream to sew.

For the skirt I changed the direction of the pleats from facing out to facing in.  I find that this is more flattering for me and I was interested to see this same comment made in my latest sewing book purchase The Perfect Fit: The Classic Guide to Altering Patterns* – excellent book by the way.  I own a couple of fitting references and this is by far the best, IMHO.

I did not add the pockets as they added a bit too much bulk and I wasn’t happy with how they were sitting at the more fitted side seam (they are fabulous in the flared skirt though) so I removed them.  I used a belt kit that I got from Sunni’s A Fashionable Stitch Shop but I am rather traumatised to see that she no longer stocks them.  And I am having really trouble finding another supplier as I would really really like to make some more of these.  Does anyone know where I can buy even just the fabric covered buckle kits from?

I installed the invisible zipper so that it ended just below the yoke and then added two buttons with loops to close the top.  I really like this little detail.

The insides are all finished by serging and I left it unlined and plan to wear it with a half slip.  I terms of neatness of finish this is probably the most cleanly finished insides of anything I have made yet.  It looks very RTW, which I am really really chuffed about.

The hem is just serged and machine stitched.  The print means that the topstitching is practically invisible.

You can see there is a sway back adjustment I should have done.  I did taper the centre back seam in a little increasing the seam allowance at the neck by, oh, about an 1″ (I think) and tapering it down to the standard 5/8″ at the waist.  I cut a size 12 in the top and a 16 in the skirt (go that pear shape) and tapered out/in to probably a 14 at the waist line.

Simplicity 2588

I really really like this pattern.  It is easy to sew, has a lovely fit which requires very little tweaking, and I love the sleeveless and sleeve variations.  I expect I’ll be making a couple more.

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