Red Velvet Project Red

This is my second version as a pattern tester aka Red Velvet Muse for Cake Patterns.

I am representing the small busted among us and I am here to tell you that here is a pattern that WILL fit you.  Good news, hey!

Anyhow, after making up my dressy LBD version I decided to try it in a very different fabric – a two way cotton stretch, also from Spotlight, in a bright and cheery red and white polka dot.

I made this dress up in an afternoon.  As I had made it before I was confident in the fit and also knew what adjustments I needed to make.  I made the version with the plain faced neckline (no collar, although the scalloped collar is gorgeous), the boxy pleat and no hidden pocket so it was a very fast make.

To read some more in depth fitting details and comments about the make be sure to head over to the Red Velvet Muse Page to read about this dress there and see some of the other gorgeous versions – this dress is very flattering across all shapes and sizes I think.

One thing I needed to pay attention to when making this dress is the included instructions for ensuring my bodice length was correct for my shape.  The distance from shoulder line to underbust can vary tremendously from person to person (who knew? Now I do) and this is accomodated in the pattern by clearly stated bodice lengths and instructions to measure your length and add (or remove) length prior to cutting.  There are also some tutorials on the Sewing Cake website.  This one for adding or removing overall length (which is what I needed to do – I added an 1″), and this one if you need to add more fabric just in the front. This allows you to be sure your top seam sits right under your bust  (or further down if that is your preference).

I found that this also will vary depending on the fabric.  For my first dress it has a 4-way stretch and I got away with my length being 1/2″ shorter than my actual measurement – in fact, any longer and I would have felt it was slightly too long.  For this fabric, as it only has a 2-way stretch  I cut it at the same length as the first dress but this one feels a little too short.  I also took off a totally different amount from the side seam for this dress (actually much more for this one as a wanted a closer fit) and it feels much tighter in the bust, also a result of the very different fabric.  This is good knowledge to be aware of when sewing with knits in general I think and why the flexible sizing of Cake Patterns is so helpful.

Forward shoulder adjustment

I made an adjustment to my pattern prior to cutting for a forward shoulder adjustment in addition to my usual small sloping shoulder adjustment.  I will post about that tomorrow in detail for those who are interested in how I did that (and so I don’t forget what I did for future makes, seriously, my memory is terrible).

My polka dots are a little tilted, I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to make it all perfect.  A simple cotton casual dress for day to day wear is what I wanted and that is what  I got.  But with those red polka dots, I feel cheered every time I wear it.  It’s a happy dress. 

Love the boxy pleat in the skirt