Pink Piped McCalls 6011

Back last year sometime when I was making Simplicity 2444 I found the sewing blog Bernie and I.  Bernie and I kept popping up on goggle searches for Simplicity 2444 and Simplicity 2588 (her versions of both are just gorgeous).  While investigating her makes I found another pattern that looked lovely: McCalls 6011.  I’ve had this pattern for a while as a result of being directly inspired by the Bernie and I versions and this week I got around to making it.

McCalls 6011 Pattern – 3 versions, fully lined dress.

This pattern is extremely simple with minimal pattern pieces – no facings, it is fully lined.  It also has a lovely fit.

It has been an incredibly hot start to spring here in Sydney and I was overcome with an urge to make some simple vintage inspired sundresses to wear for things like the school pick up and running around on a hot day without feeling blah.  I’ve had way too much of the blah of late and one way that really helps me to cope mentally when I am not feeling great is to make an effort with how I look.

It was drummed into me by my grandmother that “a lady doesn’t go out of the house without being properly dressed” and that is a true aesthetic I find that applies to many people who sew – to be well dressed and not to slop around in rags.  That’s fine for the house but I really do hate it when I see people “out” looking, to quote my grandmother “slovenly”.  I recently read a really interesting discussion on this subject over at a favourite sewing blog Erica Bunker.  We are the same age and although have totally different styles I love this blog for the gorgeous outfits and the very interesting blog posts, plus the general awesomeness that looking and feeling fabulous doesn’t stop after 40.  That is one of the things I love (and miss, even though I wasn’t there) about the vintage spirit – a time when people did dress nicely when outside of the house.  And so yes, I do change out of my gym gear if I am not at the gym and I do change into a dress or nice jeans and a top to do the school pick up.  It’s how I was raised and on the few times I haven’t “bothered” I have just felt sooooo, well, frumpy 40.

Anyway, back to the dress…. I made View C which is the cross over top with no sleeves and piped the waistband and armholes to try and add a pop of colour to a fabric that otherwise I felt washes me out.  It was a gift from my sister-in-law from a trip to Japan and is what feels like a quilting weight cotton, its quite crisp feeling.  I’m not overly fond of it so I decided to use it first in case I made a right royal mash up of it, although now that it is made up I like it much more.

Changes/Adjustments to the Pattern:

First version with underbust gathers

The pattern has underbust gathers and generous ease which is fabulous for fuller busted ladies.  As I am an a-cup when I first made this up the gathers just looked wierd and poofy on me as I don’t have enough fullness to fill them out.  I also found the top a bit too low for my liking.

Front bodice adjustments: I also did my standard 3/8″ forward shoulder adjustment. Click to view large version.

I also made some adjustments to the back bodice to adjust for forward shoulders and a rounded upper back:

My back neck gaped quite a bit (I must have a hunch back or something).  Click to view large version.

Once I worked out these adjustments the rest of the dress came together easily. I did a lapped zipper. I didn’t line the bodice (it was feeling too bulky with lining), so I bound the seams instead and added piping to the armholes, which I love (its my first time piping anything – I was inspired by Mel from Scavenger Hunt who uses piping in such beautiful ways).


I didn’t quite get the piping to match at the back zipper but I have left it as is as that’s ok for a dress I am just planning on wearing to the shops and down to the school, although the sandals I am wearing with it in the photos show that it can be dressed up too.

Some more Construction detail photos (cause I love these details):



This dress is another Fall for Cotton make, but I am not sure if it qualifies as it is not a vintage pattern.  Is it a vintage look? I’m not really that sure.