Sleeveless Jasmine and Half Circle Skirt

This is the last thing I made in 2012.  Two things in fact, a skirt and a blouse.

I saw a version of the Jasmine on Lynne’s blog that used a bias strip for the collar instead so I decided to use that for my second Jasmine (my first Jasmine is here).

Here is the result, which I made sleeveless as we are in the middle of summer and the temperatures in my neck of the woods at the moment are in the 38 – 40+ range (100+ fahrenheit in the shade).

I used a very cheap remnant of cotton voile from (wait for it….) Spotlight amusingly named “Summer Chill”.

I also forgot to transfer my changes from my last Jasmine to the pattern, so had to redo all my original changes which was a HUGE pain.  Note to self: make sure you transfer your muslin work onto the flat pattern immediately, and when you do make sure you note which dart is the right one and cross out or somehow remove the wrong one.

Wrinkled back to show added neck darts

I also used a bias strip to finish the inside instead of facings (like Lynne’s) just for something different, and also to finish the armholes.

I am very happy with the collar, it does sit beautifully.  I made the ties much longer so I have a large drapey bow.

The armholes I think I could have made a bit larger, they feel a little snug but I am going to wear it a few times to see how it feels before I consider changing them.  It’s because I bound them with a 1/4″ seam allowance instead of 5/8″ (and didn’t trim off the difference first).

The armholes are a bit snug, but I’m living with it.

Along with this top I used a lovely linen look but 100% synthetic navy that I found in the suiting section at Spotlight ages ago,  I only had a metre to work with but as it was 150cm wide I was able to squeeze out a self drafted half circle skirt that I had been wanting to try for ages.  I used the Burda Jenny pattern waistband pieces for the waistband, halving the width in the same way I did for my  Jenny skirt as it resulted in a really well fitting waist and also meant I could cut the waistband from scraps rather than needing a long strip.  I also love how the Jenny Skirt zipper closes the waistband as well, it is such a neat finish and I will use this method from now on I think I much prefer it to an overlapped tab on a waistband.

My first half circle skirt, cut on the bias.

The skirt fabric has a lovely heavy drape that works perfectly with this skirt.  It frayed horribly so I serged all edges before I sewed anything.  It is going to be an absolute wardrobe staple for me in 2013.

I used this tutorial by By Hand London to do the skirt.   I found it really helpful and easy to follow.  Patty the Snug Bug also has a handy calculator you can download on her old blog which is also great.  The post also includes lots of helpful tips and schematics that help explain the maths.

So the firsts for me for are:

  • First self drafted half circle skirt
  • First sleeveless garment (I don’t normally do sleeveless, but the heat has driven me to it)
  • First bias collar

Also, you may notice I’ve installed Disqus as my commenting system.  I’m still working out a couple of kinks (including some lost comments, oops, that was my bad) but I’m hoping it enables a better flow of conversation. 

Edited 2019 for clarity and grammar.