Simplicity 1880

My new modified Simplicity 1880

After finishing this pattern for my first ever sewalong, I wore it a few times and was really bugged and rather perplexed by how the fabric at the front (and back) centre seam “pooled” in a really odd way to form a fold of fabric on either side of the seamline.

Simplicity 1880 with odd fabric fold/pooling at centre seam.
After I adjusted the skirt, no strange folds

I have noticed it on many of the other dresses from the sewalong, so it is definitely a pattern thing not a fabric thing.  Sunni noticed and commented on it as well and it seems to be an issue with the grainline on the skirt pieces.
I bound the armhole seams with bias because I was loving how amazingly neat it made the inside of the dress as I didn’t line it.  After wearing it a few times I found that the binding makes the armsyce too bulky and rather uncomfortable to wear, plus I found the sleeves just ugly on my arms, kinda a wierd sticky-outy cap sleeve with too much bulk as they are double layered/self lined.  I love the cap sleeves with the wrap dress version though so I think that they just didn’t work for me with the shirt dress.

I had a “spare” couple of hours today so fixed the dress.  I took in the skirt centre seam front and back starting at a whopping 6″ at the hem, tapering up to nothing at the waist (just a straight line) – basically sewing up the line where the fabric was folding naturally.

Original cap sleeve
New sleeve

I unpicked the sleeves and then used the 3/4 length sleeve version I had originally cut to replace them, cutting off and heming for a sleeve that I think looks much better with the skirt style of the bodice.

I’m much happier with the finished dress, yay for being able to revisit old projects and tweak to make it just the way we like it!!

I kept the hem the same.

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