Wistfully Wishfull

This is my shiny new and sparkling blog, dedicated to sewing and other stuff. Don’t know how “bloggy” I am going to be but I decided to try out the blogger.com for a while.

Now, for my current thoughts…

I wish I had more hours in the day to do everything I need to do.

Currently, I crave to sew, it’s my newest addiction.  I have a collection of projects and patterns to make and a whole new world of sewing blogs to pore over and admire the enormous talent of all these amazing women who sew.

Sewing, it’s my happy tranquil meditation place.

But real life keeps interjecting: dishes to wash, cleaning and more cleaning, children to feed and play with and nurture and then there is the laundry!!! The never-ending MOUNTAINS OF LAUNDRY!!!!  Oh, and a bit of work here and there to keep my hand “in” and brain still working.


On my list of projects are:

Something from my newly arrived Colette Sewing Handbook, first up the Taffy Blouse and the Meringue Skirt.

Something from my uber-feminine Sew Serendipity book, most likely a dress, still haven’t decided, I think it will depend on finding a fabric that speaks to me.

Something from the just-ordered from Amazon, and currently winging its way towards me, estimated delivery not until mid-January, Burda Style Sewing Handbook.  I ended up buying this on a whim whilst browsing the other night (the dangers of one-click ordering function) after I saw a post on it on this blog, which was a great review and really let me see the book properly.

Plus a huge pile of ideas for dresses, tops and skirts for my lovely 5-year-old and 1.5-year-old daughters.