A sweet summer blouse

This is a self drafted pattern for a sweet little girls blouse, raglan style.  I used as a guide this tutorial for a peasant blouse.  I ended up making my sleeves differently as I didn’t have enough for a full sleeve but next time will make the sleeved version.

The sunlight shows the lovely seam finishes – I used a rolled hem for the arm seams and edges and three thread overlocked/serged the rest.  I made the little flower based on the flowers used in the Sew Serendipity book

This blouse was made after I found this site with a really great list of web tutorials for sewing.  That link is for the girl’s tutorials but there are also heaps for men, women and boys.  I needed a blouse to go with the skirt I made and decided I wanted something nicer than “just” a T-shirt.

Edited 2019 for clarity and grammar.