Hi there.  Welcome to my blog where I keep a record of my sewing projects.

I love to sew and have been sewing and crocheting since I was a young girl.   I was taught both crafts by my grandmother, and I consider it a great gift that these skills were passed down to me.

I love to create clothes that reflect my personal style and find great satisfaction in the way sewing combines both creative and technical skills.  It is the perfect “whole brain” activity.

I sew mainly for myself, sometimes for my two daughters and very rarely for others, and only for joy.

I am Australian and live in the suburbs of Sydney.

I sew with a Janome QC6260 and I have a basic model Janome overlocker/serger.

I always find it very helpful when sewing blogs I read include their measurements, so I can gauge their fitting issues against my own physique.  So in the interest of useful information here are mine (last updated May 2017):

Height:  5’4″ / 163cm
Bust:  Currently 32.5″.  Ranges from 32″ to 35″, A cup.
Waist: Currently 25.5″. Ranges from 25″ to 30″ (62 cm to 75 cm)
Hips: Currently 35.5″.  Ranges from 35.5″ to 41″ (89cm to 103cm)
Age: 46
Body Type: Pear/Small busted hourglass.  Slightly short waisted (bust to waist measurement), slightly long rise (waist to hip measurement), short legs.

My style is classic and feminine with strong vintage influences.

My usual alterations are –

  • Forward shoulder, narrow shoulder, sloping shoulder (summed up by saying the no-shoulders adjustment),
  • Grading between sizes, especially from waist to hips.
  • Adjust for gaping at the neckline front and back.
  • Despite being an A cup, I don’t always need a small bust adjustment (SBA) as due to very small shoulders I can size down in the bodice which often does the trick for the bust fit as well.
  • Sway back alteration


Thanks for visiting,

PS: I appreciate all comments, especially honest “tell it like it is” comments.  I have no problem with someone saying “that is not a good look on you” or “do you realize your seam/hemline/zipper is wonky/badly sewn/etc etc” or “those darts are in the wrong place”.  So if you are busting to tell me something but scared I’ll be offended, just do it, I’ll love you for it.  My email address is also available via my blogger profile if you want to send me a direct email.  I want to be the best seamstress I can be and I can’t do that if I don’t get honest feedback.