Vintage Lace Dress & Changes

This dress is made from a “vintage” tablecloth. I remember buying it myself in the 1980s as a gift for my mother and rediscovered it a few months back in the back of the linen cupboard and thought it would be fun to play around with for a dress.

The bodice is a based on the Colette Patterns Peony but is my own bodice pattern with the Peony neckline, my modified Peony sleeve (forward shoulder adjustment) and McCalls 6706 skirt.

The skirt pattern was perfect is it is just a big rectangle so I could take advantage of the existing hem.  The pleat positioning however is clever and includes built in darts and shaping so you get a lovely flared shape to the skirt.  I really like this pattern and will use again.

The dress is underlined in black cotton lawn, with the sleeves left unlined.  I made a bow belt using velvet ribbon.  The zipper is a hand picked lapped zip, and in this lace it looks completely invisible.  At the top I added a simple black button and loop.

I wore this to a wedding on Friday, and received so many nice comments on the dress.  I was worried about looking like a tablecloth but no one said those dreaded words so I think I got away with it.

Onto another topic, which is the comment syncing problem that is happening with Blogger and Disqus.  This means that Blogger no longer registers comments left using my commenting system so if you look at the last few posts it appears as if there are no comments, although once you click into view the full post you can see the comments showing as normal at the bottom of each post.  It has really affected my blogging mojo and after fluffing around with some template customisation to work around the problem decided that I really need a fresh start.  I will be moving my blog across in the next few days to a blog, with my own domain name.  It should be seamless and cause hardly a ripple other than a domain name change.  I am actually really looking forward to the extra functionality that wordpress will give me not to mention I can use a much prettier template.  Onwards and upwards!  Question though: do you think it matters if the domain name is unrelated to the blog name, as sewhopeful is already taken….


  • I recently ran into the same scenario. I moved to a WordPress-hosted blog after getting fed up with constant formatting issues and how user-unfriendly it was on my kindle, which is currently my primary means of keeping up with blogs. But my old blog name was taken there. I played around with a modified version of the old name, but ultimately ended up renaming the blog altogether. Good luck with whatever route you end up taking! And your dress is lovely, not like a tablecloth at all.

    • Thanks Becky. I decided to go with the move using a address and hope for the best. I realised that most people find my blog via google searches on a certain pattern number or sewing technique so that stays the same no matter what name I use. I like playing around with technical website stuff so as long as I don’t make a huge error it should be fun! (I’m really hoping).

  • Beautiful dress! So much better than a tablecloth

    • I agree, I like this much more on me than on the table!!! I’ll never look at a tablecloth the same way, I’m already eyeing off my mothers linen cupboard for more treasures….

  • Sew, Jean Margaret

    Very nice dress. The pleated skirt is particularly lovely. You have great vision to transform a tablecloth to such an elegant dress.

    • Thank you very much. I really like the pleated skirt too. The pattern has been in my stash for ages and I was so pleased how it worked so well with this fabric. Its one of those deceptively simple patterns that are actually rather clever.

  • Beautiful dress. Good luck with your wordpress move, I’ve been very happy using it.

    • Thank you, and I’m looking forward to moving platforms. I much prefer wordpress too.

  • Fabric Epiphanies

    It is a really pretty dress and doesn’t look like a tablecloth at all.

  • That looks lovely! Very clever.

    I don’t think it matters if the url isn’t the same. Can you get something related, like ‘hopefullysewn’ or ‘sewnwithhope’ or at least something that makes it clear that it’s YOU? I do read some blogs that have a different but semi-related url. I moved to wordpress from blogger some time ago, because of a similar issue with comments. I didn’t import my blog or anything because I hadn’t been blogging long, although now I wish I had. I really like wordpress and find it easy to use and very functional.

    • Thanks for that feedback, its very useful. I’ve been able to get so I’ll hopefully do the changeover soon and fingers crossed don’t manage to wipe all my comments or mess up my posts when I shuffle over. I use wordpress for work and maintain about a dozen websites using it, so I’m looking forward to moving my blog over to the same format. The commenting issue with disqus not syncing with blogger is so frustrating but obviously not enough people are using both to warrant them fixing it!

  • Gabrielle

    Oh it’s beautiful and lovely and delicate looking, and looks nothing like its ancestor the table cloth! I love these photos too – the garden backdrop and light are perfect.

    Can you please let us know how your move to wordpress goes, and what the challenges are, if there are any?

    • Thanks Gabrielle, the photos were a total fluke, its at the Oatlands House Wedding Reception venue, which I’ve never been before and the grounds are just beautiful and we arrived right at the golden hour just before sunset, I can’t believe what a difference it made to the photos.

      The fact that I got your message is really encouraging it means that you found the new blog so that is really encouraging. I think I am mostly done now and there were a few challenges but I think I’ve worked them all out. I’ll do a post once I know for sure there are no issues still outstanding. The redirection on posts seem to be working great but the redirections for pages took quite a while to do and they are working but seem to be very slow. Holding my breath this week and hoping it all works as it should after a couple of days.

  • Sharon

    Simply gorgeous dress and there is no tablecloth in site.

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  • Velosewer

    Your dresses could never look ordinary. This one is so lovely.

    • Thanks Maria. You’re so kind always.