Projects in process – coat and jacket making, and great discoveries

Its what passes for winter here in Sydney and while the northern blogosphere are in full blown summer dress mode I have been working with wool, and along the way making some thrilling discoveries.

First up, I am making a second version of the Collete Anise Jacket.  My first one has died, in part due to its lack of interfacing but also the fabric had held up rather disappointedly for a wool melton.

I’ve taken the opportunity to apply the experience since I last made this  two years ago, making some considerable adjustments to the pattern in terms of fit.

This new and vastly improved version I am making is a beefy wool crepe, underlined in silk organza and also interfaced.  I found some good information relating to working with wool crepe, one tip being to not fuse interfacing directly to the wool, rather to underline and fuse the interfacing to the underlining.  I’ve done this and it is working beautifully.

Thrilling discovery #1 – I know so much more about fitting and jacket making than I did two years ago.  This Anise jacket has been a completely different experience made with very different eyes.

Second up I have been looking around for a point presser, a clapper and sleeve board to assist in the tailoring process and found this Australian supplier – Judi’s Studio.  I have just ordered the new supplies from them and I’m very excitedly awaiting my delivery!

Thrilling discovery #2 – An Australian made supplier of quality hard to find tailoring tools.

Thirdly, after seeing this review by Tany from the wonderful Couture et Tricot blog on a new to me designer I have splurged on the Cassock Coat pattern by BCN Unique Patterns.  Tany gives a great overview about Paco Peralta and his work here.  I was absolutely taken in by the beautiful sleeve head shape seen in this post here – I just knew from the shape of it that I needed to get my hands on the pattern.  The pattern arrived very quickly all the way from Spain and it comes hand traced and writen on by hand by Paco – the pattern itself is made using couture methods, and I am so excited about starting it!

Thrilling discovery #3 – Language is no barrier when you have google translate!

I also have some finished projects to post – my most favourite being a wool crepe dress with a triple darted sleeve, but struggling to find a moment for photo’s.  Soon I hope! Prepare for a blogging onslaught.