Lady Skater Dress

The Lady Skater dress is everywhere at the moment. For good reason –  it is a great casual but smart dress pattern and the simple shape works well for a wide range of figures.   The instructions on this pattern and the use of cuffs and neckband give it a professional look as well I think.

I made it last year in a double knit, which didn’t really work, the fabric did not have nearly enough stretch.  That has since been repurposed into a great skirt I wear alot but I really wanted to have a “proper” go at it.

I made up the pattern in a sraight size 4 with just a few minor adjustments: a slight forward shoulder adjustment, raised the waistline about 1″ (I like mine to sit slightly on the high side/right at my waist), straightened out the curves on the bodice front and back waistline (my small upper half mean I don’t need them) and lengthened the hem and sleeves.

The fabric is a basic t-shirt cotton jersey that started life as a very bright swamp frog green (I was after a kelly green but this was the wrong shade for me completely and also rather “oh look a giant frog is approaching”-like).  An easy fix though – I just dyed the dress black.  I love the resulting colour of a dark green, it is much more everday-wearable.

It feels like I am wearing a giant t-shirt, and the shape is a good one for me – I am not a fan of the shapeless shift on me, and this gives the perfect combination of shape plus comfort. 

One of the benefits of taking self portraits wearing our makes is that the photos really help to spot fitting issues not otherwise easy to see.  I think in my next version of this I will add back in a slight curve at the front bodice as it looks like it is riding up a bit in the photos.

Happy sewing everyone!