Lace Yoke Tee Revisted* and New Look 6813**

* or what happens when your iron is too hot and your melt the lace.
** a dressy knit tee.

I had this tee I made last year sometime.  The lace I used was a bit scratchy and I made the same mistake I made nearly all year which was make the armholes too high/tight (adjusting for sloping shoulders all year but forgot to lower the armscyce by the same amount – took me year to notice nearly all my clothes are too tight under the arm, true story). 

Anyhow, as I result I never really wore it but pulled it out of the wardrobe the other night to try and fix it.  The first thing I did was apply the iron to the lace while it was set on cotton/linen and melted a large hole in the lace.   Okay then.

So I fixed it.  I  took the body of the tee in by quite a bit to make it more fitted, the resulting curve on the pattern looks really exagerated.  I added a new, much nicer lace with a couple of tweaks for a better fit, using the old cut off lace as my muslin/pattern.  I lowered the armscyce about 1/2″.

Self drafted lace yoke tee

It is now much more comfortable to wear and the nice lace makes it feel more special (I do normally wear it with a flesh coloured bra though so please excuse the hot pink bra straps)

While I was in the mood for making dressy tops I also made New Look 6813 View B in a very stretchy knit crepe.  I made it up two sizes smaller than my measurements (actually one and a half as my measurements put me between a 12 and 14 and I cut a 10) as I read this pattern runs very large.  I can’t remember if I graded it out at the hips or not – late night sewing session.

Other than that I made it up a per the pattern and am very happy with the overall fit but found the yoke band totally the wrong angle for my narrow sloped shoulders.   

New Look 6813 View B

When I tried it on the shoulder seams stood up like horns.  I wasn’t in the mood for serious unpicking so I just chopped the offending excess fabric off and covered the resulting hot mess of a seamline with a large bow.  It makes me feel like I am wearing footballers shoulder pads and a bit ridiculous, even for me with my love of OTT girlishness.  Time will tell if the bows come off (I’ll just stitch a neat band over the exposed seams instead) but I’ll see how I feel wearing it first.

New Look 6813 View B

I think this pattern may be OOP as it doesn’t come up on the Simplicity website but the top is a great raglan sleeve basic tee with two neckline variations and the skirt has nice pleating too so I will revisit this pattern again when I want to make a t-shirt again.  Other than the sizing issue, I really recommend it for a good knit top pattern – just cut one or two sizes smaller.