Revisiting Vintage Simplicity 7142

Ahh.  The satisfaction of turning a hardly worn “meh” item into a wardrobe favourite.  Sometimes all something needs is a little tweaking.  I had a chance to get to some items that were never worn for various reasons and tweak them a little to be more to my liking.

So here is this camel coloured skirt Vintage Simplicity 7142.  I made it to wear in winter with boots but the waistband was really bulky as I didn’t grade the seam allowances and also it was too loose.  The midi-length also didn’t really work for me IRL, although it looks fine great in the photo above.  Then there was the slight problem that it no longer fit due to my expanded hip/waistline (really tight and REALLY unflattering tummy bulges) and I made a mistake with the lining so that it would drop down and be visible whenever I was sitting or bending.



I had some of this vintage looking cotton cream lace in stash so I chopped off a couple of inches off the length, let out the seam allowances by as much as I could, removed the despised ill-fitting waistband and replaced it with a bias bound waistband.  Then I sewed the cotton lace at waistline and hem and bang.  A brand new skirt that fits with fixed non-visible lining.   Happiness ensues.


If I worked in an office I would have kept the skirt plain but I rather like the lace as something different.