Refashion – The Lady Skater skirt to the rescue

I had this old black gathered maxi skirt from Ezibuy.  It really wasn’t flattering and I knew it but  I wore it anyway.

On the weekend my hubby couldn’t take it anymore and basically begged me to burn it.  Plus, he said, its full of holes.  Oh yes.  Indeed it was.

So I cut off the waistband, folded it down the front and back seamlines, laid over the Lady Skater skirt pattern, and recut a totally new front and back.

Then I serged some black elastic to the waist – so easy.  I’ve been doing this alot lately.  There are about a billion tutorials online on how to do this.  Here’s one.  I serge mine right sides together and then flip up and press.  You can also fold down and zig zag so you have a casing.  It all works fine.

Over the remaining small holes I slapped two slouchy pockets from the skirt offcuts.

Skirts Skirts

This is the second time I’ve used this pattern but I’m yet to get an actual Lady Skater dress out of it yet.  Maybe I’ll do that next…

  • Great skirt refashion and I can only say it would have had to be very bad for my DH to comment if it was mine.

  • LOL. Trust me. It really was that bad. I didn't need much encouragement to hack into it. This version gets his stamp of approval though – I find it hilarious how my very sensible, not-a-creative-bone-in-his-body husband gets really into critiquing and commenting on my makes. He was really relieved that the original skirt wasn't something I made.