Refashion – Frumpy dress to a skirt

This one is a dress to skirt refashion from an old strapless Review dress that is about 15 years old.  I have always loved this fabric, but the gathered skirt looked terrible on me and the strapless bodice just didn’t work for my top half – completely the wrong shape for me.  Every couple of years I would find it again in my wardrobe, take it out, try it on, shudder, muse “but the fabric is lovely” and then put it back and forget about it again.

But never fear, its all good!! This is why I sew.  By knowing what shapes and styles work for my shape I can refashion frumpy-on-me* to flattering in a few easy steps.

Skirts Skirts

Feeling inspired this week, I removed the bodice, changed the skirt gathers to pleats and then used the bodice fabric to piece together a waistband.

I put in a new invisible zipper but was able to keep the same hem.  As the fabric is so lightweight (it is lighter than voile – its almost a cheesecloth) I interfaced the waistband with a woven interfacing to give it structure.  The skirt is fully lined in a very lightweight muslin/cheesecloth recycled from the original dress.

I wish I could show a before picture as the difference is rather dramatic but you’ll just have to imagine a bag full of spuds in a potato sack with a belt tied half way instead.


  • Sharon

    Great skirt refashion and I can only say it would have had to be very bad for my DH to comment if it was mine.

    • LOL. Trust me. It really was that bad. I didn’t need much encouragement to hack into it. This version gets his stamp of approval though – I find it hilarious how my very sensible, not-a-creative-bone-in-his-body husband gets really into critiquing and commenting on my makes. He was really relieved that the original skirt wasn’t something I made.

  • You have been busy and love how you have refashioned this dress.

  • I'm very happy to have something I will wear all the time rather than never. Thank you.

  • What a pretty fabric and skirt! I wish there was a b&a of this one too, it sounds like quite a dramatic difference! 🙂