Sewing Plans

I just looked at my January list of plans for sewing I made at the beginning of this year.  As we are now 2/3rds of the way through 2013 I was having a look at them.  Its interesting to write these things down and look back as it tells me how even at “my age” tastes do change and some things that really appealed to me at the beginning of the year I am now rather “meh” about.

So the things on the list I have done have been:

  • Make a jacket (the Anise).  In fact, I made another coat this year, the Jackie.
  • Make a maxi skirt and dress.  Yep, I did this, and have a few more planned, as I have realised what a great wardrobe basic they make, in all weather.
  • Make some more pencil skirts.  I’ve made another Jenny skirt and also a  McCalls 5523

So out of 22 things on my “to do” list I have ticked off 5 things but I’ve made so far this year 2 jackets, 14 tops, 7 skirts, 4 dresses, 2 skirt/top separates that can be worn as a dress, 1 cardigan, 1 scarf and a bunch of dolls.  Thats 32 things so I am pretty happy with my output so far this year.  Actually considering whats being going on outside of my sewing, I am damn impressed with myself.  It shows that truly, where there is a will, there is a way.  Sewing time can be dug out of NOTHING.  My house is even kinda mostly clean and tidy. 

What waylaid my plans were Cake Patterns and By Hand London and a bunch of other new releases that diverted my attention.  My interest making stuff up from two of the sewing books I own –  The Colette Patterns Sewing Handbook and Gerties New Book for Better Sewing – has waned slightly, although interest still is high for Gerties book.

So whats on my table for September:

  • Another McCalls 6011 is all cut out and ready to go.  Its in a simple green lawn and I’m going to use navy blue piping on this one, and probably for a bottom band as otherwise the skirts is going to be a tad short.
  •  I need to take in my new Maxi skirt – after wearing it for a few days I realised its too loose and its driving me nuts.
  • A special, secret project that is turning out fantastic.  Stay tuned for this one, its love-r-ly.  
  • I’ve been pondering what to do with some vintage cotton green and white gingham and I’ve finally come up with a plan. It will involve the Elisalex bodice, and contrasting blue piping and the skirt part of Simplicity 1873.