Making frosting out of cake – An underlined lace Tiramisu skirt

This post could also be called Sewing Cake Binge #3 as I used yet again the Cake Patterns Tiramisu skirt pattern pieces. 

I had some lace left over from my lace yoke tee and some dark navy (almost black) jersey left over from my Cabarita.  Even though I’m thinking it may be a tad too girly-saccharine sweet, even for me, I decided to experiment with making another Tiramisu skirt.  This is frosting for sure – I won’t be wearing this to pop down to the shops anytime soon.

My teeth ache just a little just looking at it, but I plan on wearing it with a solid black and it does feel rather fun to wear.  It FEELS great.

The jersey underlining actually works better than I expected: the skirt is as comfortable as a knit skirt should be.  I used a wide bias trim binding for the waistband and added an invisible zip.

I reinforced the zip seams with a strip of fusible interfacing and it really works brilliantly at stabilising this area for a ultra smooth zipper seam, especially as it is installed into a double layer of knit fabric.

Underlining and seams

Centre back invisible zip and bias trimmed waistband (needs a hook and eye)

The busy lace pattern hides the centre front and back seam.  The underlining is cut not really on grain as I had barely enough fabric but as it is a stable 4-way stretch I seem to have got away with it.

I really love this pattern as a skirt, after making two of them it is a great TNT – it’s full but not too full, and the four gore design and bias markings make playing with patterns easy.  In this skirt it really helped me cut a full skirt out of barely any fabric.

Plus, as everything was left over from previous makes (including the zip harvested from an old cushion about to be tossed) its FREE FREE FREE! Woo hoo.