A Scout Woven T, Breaking the Drought, and Being Inspired

I’ve had a doozy of a few weeks.  Just full on with health issues, and a stressful amount of work, along with a large dose of self flagellation (of the mental kind) as both issues were self created due to neglect and lack of discipline.  Funny how those two issues can affect so many areas of our lives, even those that are apparently unrelated.

Anyway, I’m pleased (relieved) to say I am now on top of both and finally was able to dive back into my sewing room yesterday to get some sewing done.  It was so cathartic.

I decided to tackle a very easy project 1) because I wanted something easy 2) because since I have started sewing I can’t bring myself to buy certain things eg: T-shirts.  The cheap ones fall apart after only a few washes and the expensive/better quality ones I just can’t bring myself to buy when I can make it for a quarter of the price (never mind that I never do) and 3) because I was mega inspired from this post from Elisalex of By Hand London who made the Grainline Woven Scout T and looked sooooo lovely that I think about 3 minutes after I read her post I had purchased the pattern and 4) I really need more casual clothes.  I have too much frosting and not enough cake.

I decided to try it in a stretch knit because that is what I really needed and I also had a skirt I made that I knew I wasn’t going to wear due to thinness of fabric, not very flattering and also I had nothing to match for the top.  Anyhow, here it is:

I used the binding technique for the arms, neckline and sleeve and hem that I learnt when doing the Tiramisu Sewalong but that I have seen applied many times by many bloggers, in particular this extremely helpful post by Handmade by Carolyn so I knew that was the best way to finish things off without hems stretching out.

The neckline looked a bit boring so I added a bow, which I was a bit unsure about but now I love.  The neckline also ended up smaller than the pattern due to the neck binding.

 I love how it looks tucked in to my Jenny Skirt.

The fabric is a nice light weight jersey knit of Italian origin that I purchased last year when I went to the Fabric Remnant Warehouse.

It looks ok untucked, I plan to wear it with jeans etc.  I tapered the sides of the pattern slightly alot, probably 4 inches all up (1 inch off each side front and back) as the baggy shape wasn’t so flattering on me. (Note to the small shouldered/small busted: baggy styles look amazing on those with good shoulders and bust lines as it gives the fabric a lovely drape and something to hang from.  I have found for my body type I look like I am wearing a potato sack as the fabric does does not have enough structure to fall from.  One of the many things I have learnt since starting to sew for myself)  I also did a forward shoulder adjustment of about 1 cm/4/8″, and I needed a narrow shoulder adjustment of 1/2″. Next time I will also do a very slight adjustment for sloping shoulders of 1/8″.   The hem binding needs a better press or a row of stitch in the ditch stitching to sit better I think.

I also did my best work yet in stripe matching! The fabric feels lovely to wear and I’m glad I chopped up the maxi skirt.  I do need maxi skirts but I think this fabric works much better as a top.

So yayy to getting back into sewing after a drought of a few weeks.  This top took a couple of hours due to the fiddling with fit etc but I plan to knock out a few more to replenish my t-shirt drawer, all from stash fabric. It really is a fast project.  I also plan to do a lace version like Jen’s one from Grainline.  Isn’t it beautiful! I even have a very similar lace so a bit of imitation/flattery will be happening this way soon.