River Song Skirt

Doris Chan “River Song Skirt”

Some time ago I brought “Crochet Lace Innovations” by Doris Chan and
immediately made up the Riversong Skirt using a very cheap 8 ply cotton:
Panda Cotton.

It makes up extremely fast and is very easy but looks complicated so you get alot of “bang for your buck” to quote my mother.

I highly recommend her book, most of the garments are extremely wearable, there is nothing frumpy or granny about any of the patterns and she uses fun and interesting techniques.  It is all about “exploded lace” which uses thicker yarn and larger hooks so things work up very fast for instant gratification.  I usually prefer to torture myself with 2.5mm or less size hooks and lace weight yarn and don’t like the chunky crochet look, but the designs are delicate enough to avoid that look.

You can view my project notes and more photo’s on my Ravelry page here.

  • This is so beautiful.Do not hide your talents away!
    Again a skirt is one of the things I keep meaning to crochet.I have a gorgeous pattern for a 1970's maxi skirt but cannot find a yarn so far to get the tension in anyway comparable.I have bought so many individual sample balls I could make up an entire blanket.I had abandoned any hope of making it up but you have encouraged me to have another go.
    I have made several items,including a dress from the book "Crochet Me" by Amy Houck and find those patterns are error free and quite nice to make up.
    Plus have you looked at


    She has some gorgeous designs,mostly shawls,and you can buy them to download.they are priced in Euros but they are reasonable…and you get them instantly.She also has designs in Interweave.
    I have made some things from the Interweave magazine with success but as I have had mostly failure I have given up buying it.Plus over here in England most of the yarns used are hard to obtain other than at great cost and finding a substitute that works is hard too.
    Anyway,keep crocheting!

  • The skirt is pretty but really annoying to wear: it catches on everything and I spend most of the time wearing it unhooking myself from things and adjusting it.

    I looked at the "Crochet Me" book, almost brought it, but the Babydoll Dress by Amy Huock I got in a magazine and the only other pattern from that book I liked was the Comfy Cardigan. I actually made the Babydoll dress in mini for my baby using a 2mm hook and lace weight yarn. If you have a Ravelry account you can see the pics for it here http://www.ravelry.com/projects/cageofwords/babydoll-dress.

    I feel the same as you about the Interweave Crochet mag patterns, I am a subscriber as there is nothing in Australia like it, but lately I have been very "meh" about the patterns. The Lily Chin dress is the most successful Interweave Pattern I have made.

    I also have the same problem with finding a suitable yarn: the projects all use expensive American yarns that are very difficult to find. I also live in an area of Sydney that does not have any decent yarn or fabric shops so my choice is very limited.

    I find Ravelry a big help as they tell you what ply the American yarn is and that is at least a starting point: I spent years trying to work out what on earth "sport weight" yarn meant.

    I also fool around alot with hook sizes, I get the yarn as close as I can and then keep swatching with different hook sizes until I get close enough.

    I haven't crocheted for a while though. I was completely obsessed and breastfed both my girls crocheting over their head the whole time: all the crochet I have done simply reflects how many hours/years I spent breastfeeding. I think I OD'd on it though, I haven't done much in months, I am spending what limited spare time I have sewing. It is more interesting at the moment as I still have so much to learn.

    That 1970's crochet maxi skirt sounds really interesting though, would love to see it.

  • It's a retro styled skirt and I can see a lot of retro fans enjoying this skirt. It looks great on you.