Simplicity 9825 View C – Pencil Skirt

A bias trim with a navy white diagonal stripe
sewn just under yoke and skirt bottom.

Back view.  Invisible zipper

I rushed into this project without much thought, using the leftover fabric from this skirt.  When I had it mostly finished I was a bit underwhelmed.  The fit was good but it was a bland navy skirt AKA the world’s most boring skirt.  Excuse me while I yawn.  I also rushed the lining and it is not sitting 100% straight.  No one knows it or can see it but I know its there and it taunts me from its hanger in the wardrobe.  I know one day soon I will cave in and fix it.

No, this is not my bank uniform skirt.

One of the “mistakes” – a really bodgy job when I did a
“stitch in the ditch” from the front to attach to front and back
yoke.  It helped the skirt sit better but I got it a bit warped
in the lining. 

I lined it in silk (from my massive stash of old curtains). 

Once I added the bias trim (with a really cool diagonal navy and white stripe) the skirt all of a sudden went from blah to hurrah.  It really works with my new Lydia T-shirt, and the (slightly skewed) silk lining makes it rather luxurious to wear.

Pattern Notes

I cut the size 14 yoke but the size 12 skirt as last time I made this I noticed that the yoke seemed too small for the skirt when I cut it all a size 14.  Not sure if this is a pattern issue or just because I changed the method of construction.

It is a very easy pattern but as the pattern is not lined, adding lining added alot to the time.

Like last time, I made up the front and back separately (yoke to skirt) first and added an invisible zipper, then sewed up the side seams last rather than follow the patterns instructions of sewing the yoke together, sewing the skirt bottom together, attaching the skirt to the yoke and adding the zipper last.  This enabled me to adjust the fit and take in the sides as I needed.