Simplicity 9825 Hot Pink A-line Skirt

Sorbetto #3
Sorbetto #3 and Simplicity 9825

I have a great cotton poplin black A-line skirt on a yoke that looks and fits great and I was going to use it to make myself a couple of skirts like it.  I was really chuffed to stumble across Simplicity 9825, you can read some reviews here.

In a really cheap cotton broadcloth from Spotlight, I decided to make up the A line view as a wearable muslin.  The fabric is in a hot pink, not my normal skirt colour, but I have been sorely in need of some emotional lift of late and hot pink is such a happy and energetic colour, plus it goes perfectly with one of my Sorbetto blouse variations.

I purchased the size 14 – 20 and made the size 14 but ended up taking it in so much I should have got the next size down.  Its all good because I know how to grade patterns enough to just make that change to the paper pattern (phew).  If I was happy with a looser fit and it sitting about 2 inches below my waistline the 14 would have been ok, but I was looking for a higher more fitted look, sitting just below my natural waistline, so I could wear a shirt either loose or tucked in.


  • I changed the order of construction by attaching the yoke bands first before I sewed up the side seams so I could adjust the fit easiliy (good thing two as the side seams ended up being over an inch each side to get the right fit.
  • I used an invisible zipper, so the back seam was the first one I sewed after the yokes were attached.
  • I lined the skirt in a lovely light cotton voile in white, so the inside as a lovely as the outside.  The lining I finished in a lace trim (a detail for me to make the skirt pretty on the inside). Hopefully the lining will also stop the skirt from creasing so badly as well.

Next time I will:

  • Cut the size 12
  • Use a better quality fabric

 What I love about this version of Simplicity 9825

  • It’s an incredibly flattering skirt. It eases my longing for a Colette Ginger somewhat.
  • Very easy to make: only 4 pattern pieces (yoke front and back, skirt front and back).
  • It is easy to change if you wanted to eliminate the centre front seam
  • It goes perfectly with my latest sorbetto blouse, with fabric covered buttons.  Its my favourite version so far. 
Simplicity 9825
Inside lining, attached to invisible zipper.
Simplicity 9825
Something pretty just for me on the inside, hem finish on lining.