McCall’s 5966 Technicolor Dream Dress

This is what happens when you let an exuberant 5 year old choose the fabric for a dress:

McCalls 5966

I made up McCall’s 5966 for Olivia as she really needs an Autumn dress and I couldn’t find anything I liked in the shop.  She chose this technicolor rainbow fabric that I am not that keen on but she was insistent and loved its rainbow look.  OK, so technicolor it it.

 At this point I should have changed the pattern I had in mind to make to something more suitable, like a plain classic tunic or something.  But I didn’t and ploughed ahead.  Aaahhhh, the benefit of hindsight.  I’ll just have to chalk it up to a lesson in how fabric choice is everything.


What I like about the dress and pattern:

  • The inside is perfectly finished, I bound the armhole seams and the seams where the cuff joins the sleeve in hot pink bias binding.
  • The cross-over front is nice and Olivia likes it as she hates anything too close to her neck.

What I didn’t like about this dress:

  • Not the best match of fabric to pattern.
  • The sizing is MASSIVE.   You can see this in the final photo: it looks very wide compared to the finished length.  I made a size 5 but if I make this again I will cut the size 3 and just lengthen the bodice and skirt.  Yes, its THAT big.
  • The sleeve looks a bit too much like a period costume for my liking.

What I learned about sewing for a 5 year old:

Check measurements before you cut! I tried to get Olivia to try it on a couple of times while I was making it but she wriggled and squirmed so much I couldn’t get a proper look at it.  But I didn’t check her measurements against the pattern before I cut a size 5, and I realise there is alot I can do to make sure the fit is right that doesn’t rely on constant fittings (which don’t work too well when they moan and complain and even worse if they actually get stuck with a pin).

McCalls 5966