Sorbetto with Sleeves (#1 and #2)

I made two Sorbetto‘s this week, the free pattern that blogland is going crazy-de-do over.  Just about every blog I follow has made a Sorbetto or several, so of course I had to as well.  I was particularly inspired by the 7 Days of Sorbetto which also provided a sleeve pattern, thereby making it something I would make.

My first Sorbetto was a wearable muslin using a sarong fabric.  It  turned out acceptable, except that I was told by two people that it looks way to much like a sarong (well, it was) and I could only really wear it at the beach.  Oh well.

Sarong Sorbetto

 My second Sorbetto I made a few adjustment to my body, grading from a size 2 to a 4-6 at the hips, a small bust adjustment, a sway back adjustment, a sloping shoulder adjustment, lengthened it 3″ to a tunic length.  I refashioned and old maternity dress that was about to go in the charity bin and used a green silk from my stash (prior life: curtains) as the binding.  Oh, and I also took about 1.5″ out of the sleeve so they fitted a bit better and didn’t need as much gathering to fit.

Love the look of the bias bound hems.

I don’t have any decent photo’s sadly.  Today (end of March, MARCH….how the hey did it get to be the end of March???? – Oh yeah, my life is a living something or other of child wranging/raising/nuturing/feeding/loving and basically not having a single second to spare).

On the bright side, since my last post (end of December 2011) I have lost 8 kilo’s or so.  So I have been busily away doing something constructive for myself in real-life-land.  I am only really sewing again now as I wanted to get closer to my weight/size goal before I made anything for myself.