Twirly Girls Skirt Quick Tutorial

Tulip Skirt with Knife Pleated Ruffled Heam

This is the skirt pattern I regularly make for Olivia.  Its so easy and always looks adorable.  This version is using a quilting cotton and contrasting trim using my favourite sewing machine accessory: the rather scary looking ruffler foot attachment.  It looks like a torture device but gathers and pleats so easy.  This hem is using a pleat every 6 stitches (inspired by the Sew Serendipity Book)

I just measure the length I want the skirt to be, plus a couple of inches seam allowances.

Cut two widths and join along selvedges (cutting off selvedges first usually)

Sew the top for threading elastic.

Hem the bottom or in this version, attach a trim.

Thread elastic, I find using the wider elastic works better as it is MASSIVELY gathered.

The super-gathered look gives a lovely full twirly skirt, and you are done, usually in about 20 minutes or so, depending on if you just hem the bottom or add a trim.  The trick is make sure width of fabric is nice and wide so you end up with a really gathered skirt.