Stash Shopping

I managed to find a lady from Dubbo on Ebay this week who was getting rid of some her stash so I was able to get my hands on a few pieces of fabric for less than $20 in total, including postage. I’m very happy with this as I have enough for 3 projects for me plus 2 somethings for my girls plus fabric that will come in handy at some point for either linings or muslins.

I have to work with:

3.5 metres of 88 cm wide vintage gignham.

 This gingham just wants to be made into a dress.  I thought it would work really well for Simplicity 2588, one of the straight skirt options.  I don’t think due to the narrow width I would have enough for a fuller skirt.

A mixed lot of mystery vintage chiffon and other synthetics

The lady I brought this from describes it all thusly:

“Mixed Bundle of Fabric…. Includes Cotton, Taffeta, Silk , a few other pieces of lovely fabrics.

1) Chiffon….Mauve, Green & Grey tones. ..Absolutely stunning piece of fabric …114cm x 3.6 Mtrs… Could be a chiffon blend……

2) Mustard Colour Chiffon type of fabric…..could be a blend. 108cm wide x 2 Metres

3) Deep Aqua Blue Shantung….112 cm wide x 1 Metre

4) Green Cotton Blend with Orange white & mauve flowers & trees…..88cm wide x 2.2 Metres

5) Yellow Lining Fabric ( a bit like taffeta only softer) ….110 cm wide x 3.3 Metres

There are also some off cuts of silk and another small piece of fabric like taffeta only softer. “

One of these pieces is going to be used as wearable muslin for the Taffy Blouse.  The pale green (picture top left) with the trees is also a good option for a dress of some kind.  The chiffon in the bottom right is lovely and would love to be a gorgeous blouse but also I have enough for a dress.